Tropicowork: Warm Coworking



Coworking spaces have revolutionized the way we work, providing a dynamic and collaborative environment for professionals of all backgrounds. However, temperature preferences often become a divisive factor, especially for women and men who tend to run cold. That’s why Tropicowork was created. Imagine a coworking space thoughtfully set at a cozy 77 degrees Fahrenheit, offering a haven for those who seek warmth amidst the bustling professional landscape. We explore why a warm coworking space can benefit not only individuals sensitive to colder temperatures but also foster an inclusive and productive community.

Comfort and Well-being:
Women and men who run cold often face discomfort in colder environments, leading to reduced focus and productivity. The shivers and chills can be distracting, making it challenging to concentrate on tasks. Setting the coworking space to 77 degrees Fahrenheit addresses this concern, creating a comfortable and soothing atmosphere that allows individuals to immerse themselves in their work without being preoccupied by discomfort. A space that prioritizes warmth promotes overall well-being, reducing the likelihood of cold-related health issues and supporting the physical and mental health of its members.

Boosting Productivity:
Studies have shown that temperature plays a significant role in workplace productivity. A warm environment, like one set at 77 degrees Fahrenheit, can enhance cognitive performance, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. When individuals feel comfortable, they are more likely to be fully engaged in their tasks, resulting in higher efficiency and output. A coworking space that caters to the needs of those who run cold fosters an atmosphere of productivity and motivation, benefiting all its members in the process.

Fostering Inclusivity:
Creating an inclusive coworking space goes beyond providing equal opportunities; it also involves accommodating diverse preferences and needs. By setting the temperature to a warm and inviting 77 degrees Fahrenheit, coworking spaces can become a haven for individuals who often feel left out in colder environments. Women, in particular, may face temperature-related challenges due to physiological differences, making them more susceptible to feeling cold. A warm coworking space signals a commitment to inclusivity and sends a powerful message that all members’ comfort matters.

Community and Collaboration:
A coworking space should be more than just a place to work; it should be a community that fosters collaboration and networking. A warm environment encourages members to stay longer and engage with one another. It becomes a space where ideas flow freely, partnerships are formed, and friendships are forged. In a cozy atmosphere, people are more likely to strike up conversations, share experiences, and create a vibrant and supportive community.

Sustainable and Cost-Effective:
Setting the coworking space to 77 degrees Fahrenheit can also have sustainable benefits. Maintaining a moderately warm temperature can reduce the need for excessive heating, thereby decreasing energy consumption and lowering the carbon footprint of the space. Moreover, providing a comfortable environment can help avoid unnecessary wastage of resources, ensuring a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach to coworking.

A warm coworking space set to 77 degrees Fahrenheit is a win-win for everyone. It accommodates the needs of women and men who run cold, ensuring they feel comfortable and included. Simultaneously, it creates an environment that boosts productivity, fosters collaboration, and promotes overall well-being for all members. Embracing warmth in the coworking space is not just about setting a temperature; it’s about creating a welcoming and inclusive home for professionals to thrive and succeed together. So, let’s raise the temperature and embrace the warmth as we redefine the coworking experience for the better!

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